Illustration of the Knights Landing and Knights Mill architectures Illustration of Intel Xeon Phi Vector Processing Units (VPUs). Shown is a comparison of the Knights Landing and Knights Mill processors: a symmetric, single-pumped combo VPU is replaced by an asymmetric (single precision biased) VPU which is double-pumped for high efficiencies on the two-issue wide Xeon Phi frontend.

The poster “Deep Learning Hardware Accelerates Fused Discontinuous Galerkin Simulations” won the ISC Research Poster Award in the category “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning”. With seismic wave propagation in EDGE as the use-case, the work shows that high performance computing should exploit two important aspects of hardware developments in the years to come: a) new hardware features are biased towards improving single and lower precision performance, and b) computational capabilities increase faster than the processors’ memory performance. The award comes with a 300 Euro cash prize and a certificate. Details on the conference’s awards are available from An electronic version of the award-winning poster is available from EDGE’s assets repository.